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Automotive Rehab is your one-stop-shop

We offer:

  • collision repair
  • ground-up restorations
  • mechanical repair
  • paint repair
  • complete auto detailing.

We offer free estimates and will coordinate with your insurance and we will be ready to begin work on your vehicle.

We will give your car new life with reasonably priced or a show quality complete paint job. We will design a repair that fits your budget, offering lower prices and fast turn around times.

We also work with insurance companies to process your collision claim, handle all the details during the repair, and repair your vehicle in a timely manner.

Automotive Rehab gives special attention to all the details during the repair process whether it is small dings, nearly totaled vehicles or custom painting.

Our full vehicle detailing  includes complete interior cleaning of carpets along with any upholstery or leather. The exterior will receive a lot of TLC from our crew with a complete wash and buffing your vehicle to a “new look” shine. As a final touch we dress the tires and degrease the engine.

We are proud of our quality workmanship in every area of our business. Make Automotive Rehab your choice for full body repair, mechanically repair, auto detailing, or purchasing body parts. Whether you need body work or body parts, we will do our best to provide what you need.

Parts Supply

Automotive Rehab offers all types of after market parts and products such as bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, headlights, tail lights, turn signals, mirrors, etc.

Please call or email your request to:


Telephone: 260-755-3755

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